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Xhorinhas Unban Request - Xhorinhas - 01.01.2020

[*]Your Steam name: Xhorinhas

[*]Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:232361329

[*]Type of punishment: Perma Banned by the Anti-Cheater System

[*]Why should we unban/unblacklist you?: I was PVP with a guest called James with snipers, and when i headshoted him with a sniper, the anti cheater was trigger and instantly banned  me. Then a guy told me that it could be a false ban by the anti-cheater, which i belive it's this case. Unfortunately i don't have any video evidences or anything that can help my case, it's my word only, but prehaps some of the online players or some guys who i usualy PVP can confirm my story and that i never used any type of hacks.       
[*]Thanks for your attention, and hopefully this was a miss understanding

RE: Xhorinhas Unban Request - Removed Account - 01.01.2020

AC was being a shitcunt again