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Title: Hello All!!
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Hello All!!

This is me guys Wanger from USA and would like to say that have a great interest in Traveling. This is a way which offers me always to get exciting moments. I am full of hope and will have a lovely time here by communicating with you.
Wagner! Welcome to this board from my side. My name is Randall and like you, I am also a newcomer here. but I am happy after seeing you here and sure that you will enjoy a good time. Anyhow, what do you say about your interest? Would you like to share here?
Welcome, Wagner. It's this your first name?
"I never really was on your side" ~TF2 Spy
I notice Alanna, that you say a great deal about your dad but little or nothing about your mum. Was it that your dads interest in all things BK effectively split your family and if so are you still in contact with your mum?
It is really nice Megamezzomixer also say welcome to Wagner to here. I am sure that he will be happy after seeing our welcome posts.
hello friends of medugorje new to all this. its great to find brothers and sisters who have experienced the peace of Medjugorje andd through mother mary got closer to GOD. cant wait to get back with my husband and children this august

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