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Title: [Release] Speedcamera E2
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Hello, fellows!
My birthday is in a few days and I just wanted to release this E2 normally on my birthday, but then thought myself to release it now.

How does it work?

Now a little demonstration on what this actually is:
The Speedcamera E2 allows you to measure everyone's speed with a ranger. Whenever someone passes this ranger and is faster than the internally saved value + tolerance, the speedcamera will "take a picture". Actually, It'll just flash and makes a photograph sound.

The formula is easy: Overspeed = velocity - (AllowedSpeed + Tolerance)

Setting it up
This is fairly easy. All you need is a Ranger (Output velocity and Entity), a Wire light and the E2 itself.
  • Place a Ranger like 5 - 10 Meters before the stand of the Wire light in vertical orientation to the road, so that the beam crosses the desired road to check.
  • Make sure the Ranger is around 1 Meter high, to catch both higher and lower vehicles.
  • Then edit the values in the E2 to the desired speed and tolerance and place it.
  • Continue with wiring "Ranger" to the ranger. (It's a wirelink, no other wire required to the ranger.
  • Then attach the wire light vector input to the ranger "BlinkLight".
  • An optional task is to set up a screen for Speed, Overspeed and a Textscreen for the target name.
  • Last step: Reload the E2 by pressing R with the E2 tool while looking on the E2.
Now the E2 should say in chat that it's active at the max allowed speed.
Other E2 developers actually can hook up the Speedcamera to another E2. Just wirelink your E2 to the speedcam and grab the Speed, Overspeed and Name values over wirelink. (Name string will be cleared after a few secs, no need to flush it manually)
Where is the download link?
It's in my download aresnal. Here is the link: https://megamezzomixer.de/e2s/speedcamera.txt
Demonstration video: https://youtu.be/FpLHM_fEJbo
Have fun  Wink
"I never really was on your side" ~TF2 Spy
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