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Title: Hello there.
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So, well, hello there. It has been quite a while since  I have been here. If you don't understand, let me explain:

My pc had catched on some nasty malware like 5 months ago after I tried to download a non-steam-ws hl2rp server content pack. To not write an entire essay, let me just say: the original server had been shut  down for unknown reasons, and apparently a "new" one was already going to come out soon. The server staff posted links for the content pack, and  guess what people, it was total scam, but because I was one of the first people to download the files, I had no idea. Afterwards the discord server, steam group and the forums were shut down. 

Honestly I have no idea why they made that final "fek you', as the server never really had any problems.

After that my pc had some other really, really weird issues, but to not waste time, I will not mention it any  further.

I am really thankful that my pc "survived" all of that.
Either way, since my pc is fixed now I am able to play here once again.
Hello. ThatOneWeirdGuy !
I would like to say welcome to you here.
That's nice, welcome back. Make sure to reread our rules, though.
"I never really was on your side" ~TF2 Spy
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