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Title: Approved WR Application WR Application of Keemy
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This is the Warning Removal Application of Keemy, Steam name KEEMsᴛᴀʀ.

Steam Name: KEEMsᴛᴀʀ

Steam ID: [U:1:210745623]

Current warning count: 14 / 15

Response of "Why do you think your warnings should be removed?": I am very close to a perma and I believe I should receive a warn removal since I have reported a few minges before in the past. I made the community happier with my jokes and befriended people which made people happier. I also wish to spend as much time as possible on the server since I love to play on this server. Sure it's laggy, but I still enjoy the WACs, the people, the creations and the admins (the admins do a great job).

Disclaimer Accepted: Yes.
Additional Comments: I don't know what to put here, so hi.

wait im not a member lol

im elite
Indeed You have played a lot here, you are enjoying the server, and you have got friends here . Your time would be wasted if you get banned. Sure you are a great member, but you tend to overreact and not respect the rules sometimes. But you are getting better. I'd like to give you a second chance, but let's wait for opinions from other staff members
Don't ask how could I go that far
i will give you a chance to show that you have changed. but i hope you take learn from this beacuse this is your last chance // approved
Wait What??
I strongly believe that you can get another chance because your behaviour is getting better and as you already mentioned: you reported some minge, wich is very quite helpful to the staff team. But heard from staff that you punish players yourself wich also explains those warnings, even though you should know since member that you can report rulebreakers with "@ <message> to currently online staffs and also on the Discord or our forum. If you stop posting "I'm changing the server" or suicide thoughts on our server and report people instead of "punishing them myself" I would feel free to give you another chance.

-marv023 also known as the shmol floofy Mitchiri neko-

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