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Title: False Kick.
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Your Steam Name: unicornzss
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:84433943
Staff Name: marv✪23
Explain the situation: I asked him to do !strip on me, and he said "no even better" and he kicked me.
Proof: Will be attached to the thread. (Hopefully discord is enough.)

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Definetly need more context here. What did you do before?

Also.. You know that appealing a lick isn't useful nor the right place here?
"I never really was on your side" ~TF2 Spy
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He was harrassing me before that and didn't warn so I was so gorgeous and only kicked because he asked for a strip. And it was just a kick idk why someone would make such a big trouble out of that lmao.
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So, according to the chat history, Marv kicked him for interrupting the construction of Marv's house (or some other building) by asking him questions about the sign in front of that building (the sign said stuff like "by entering this house you agree to such terms of use". Like no smoking, etc).

I was in-game and I don't remember that person doing anything other than just sending messages to the chat. No insults or anything serious in my opinion. I'd just ignore the messages and only react if he would actually interfere my building process by staying in front of me all the time or something. Even if unicornzss actually did something of what I said, Marv didn't put a valid reason for the kick.

I'm agreed with Marv: a kick isn't a very serious thing to deal with and it can be forgiven. But Marv, indeed, should have thought twice before committing that action.
Harassment is a serious claim, Marv. I hope you can upload some proof on here to show us.

Also to Weirdcat: We need to hear and be verify both sides (with proof) in order to form opinions here.

Interesting to see on the current Screenshot is the reaction on puppet after marvs question of it was justified.
"I never really was on your side" ~TF2 Spy
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Just read through the attachment I attached and you'll see.

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Valid standpoint, indeed.
But it's everyone's right to report staff when they think they have broken the rules.

In that case: I see why Marv got annoyed. There also were some things which weren't that clear gmodchat, like the new gimp-message showing up.

All in all I'd say that even 2 warnings against unicorn would have been justified. One for the annoying other players and one for useless arguing with staff afterwards.

The kick could have contained a reason, which would have made this way simpler than it now is, but I don't see any action appropiate against marv in this case. Sure, we should enter reasons of punishment even when a staff member is annoyed.

//Case closed: No direct action was taken against marv or unicorn, just the advise to always enter reasons for punishments.
"I never really was on your side" ~TF2 Spy
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