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Title: Approved WR Application WR Application of Luka2000
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This is the Warning Removal Application of Luka2000, Steam name Luka2000.

Steam Name: Luka2000

Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198389339171/
Current warning count: 12 / 15

Response of "Why do you think your warnings should be removed?": I think that most of my warnings should be removed since i learned my mistakes 10 of my warnings are already half a year old and ill be honest here 6 months ago i was a racist,dissrespectfull fuck that ruined the server but ive changed ive made a lot of friends during theese months and didnt make any mistakes and the main reason why i would like to get my warnings removed is because i would like to appeal for an admin.

Disclaimer Accepted: Yes.
Additional Comments: Ive been playing on this server forever even more than Framecraft who has the ,,most,, hours on the server more than 37 days i joined the server on 31st july 2018 and have been having fun, meeting friends, building etc... but i the problem is i have been playing so much that most of the time when i play on the server from Mondays to Fridays i barely see any admins on and the server turns to shit because of the visitors etc. And i would love to apply for an admins so i could protect and help people on the server while other admins are not on but to do that i would need my warnings removed. Most of my warnings were dissrespect warnings but i improved now some admins might say ,,but you just got another dissrespect warning on 16th november yes but atcually no i just wanted to get a guy away from us because he was annoying us and the other warning teleporting to a staff member without permition i accidentally forgot, so yeah that is it from me i dont know what to expect from the admins but i would like to get my warnings removed anyways.
I would sign the first part, but you can put your reason to become staff into the apply formular. And the appeal reason is actually the best I've heard yet.
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You are one of the oldest member and you are behaving well. I'm more than positive to this WR application…
While for the staff application, check the #applying-for-staff channel on Discord. There you'll find the handbook and the form to compile
Don't ask how could I go that far
Soooo am i going to get my warnings removed?
I'd follow the opinions of marv and light and will approve this WR.
This has been a very good and detailed Warning Removal Request and we will remove any warning older than 3 weeks.
"I never really was on your side" ~TF2 Spy
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