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Title: Approved WR Application WR Application of makuku
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This is the Warning Removal Application of makuku, Steam name Makuku.

Steam Name: Makuku

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:105964151

Current warning count: 14 / 15

Response of "Why do you think your warnings should be removed?": (22 warnings) the warns are very old and i got unbanned recently, my behavior have been changed im not salty and toxic anymore. i wanna start from 0 again.

Disclaimer Accepted: Yes.
Additional Comments: Unknown
Since you haven't played for a long time on our server bc you were banned and also your ban appeal got through, I'd like to give you another chance, even though 22 warnings are 8 too much. I really hope that your general behaviour has changed,
[Image: 76561198340178432.png]
so is it removed?
I want to hear other's staff's opinions, but seems that they all want me to do the work again. I only have heard a 'yes' from WeirdCat.
[Image: 76561198340178432.png]
Well, I'd say yes as well.. Time for a fresh start.

"I never really was on your side" ~TF2 Spy
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