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Title: Denied Suggestion Anti-Spam and E2's
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Name of Suggestion: Edit the anti spam? (I really dont know what to say here lol)

Link to Suggestion(if possible): none

Why is this Suggestion useful: Well, the issue I have, is that many self-made planes and ground vehicles need more than 1-2 E2's to function. And when you copy ur final product, and paste it someday or right after you finished it, the Anti-Spam removes some of the E2's and than it says "Prop removed due to Spam", so your total super awesome build is than completely useless and ruined by it. Thats why I suggest making the Anti-Spam not Target E2's or set the limits a bit higher, so it doesnt remove some important e2's. I tried compressing it, but than it said "tick quota exceeded" (or something like that). Hope this will be done!
I don't think that it's possible to fix this if we want to keep FPP because the uploads for the e2s are that slow and we can't change that. You know I'm sayin'?
[Image: 76561198340178432.png]
Okay, I understand. Thanks anyways ^^
[Image: 76561198340178432.png]

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