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Title: Approved Ban appeal Unban appeal [Adrian G.]
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Your Steam name: Adrian G.
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:117528285

Type of punishment: Ban [Because of advertising a server.]
Why should we unban/unblacklist you?: I didn't mean at all to advertise the server, i was asked about the server and it's name, so i sent him name of server, he said that he couldn't find it, so i sent him forum link, i didn't mean anything else, i just want to sent him forums link.
The problem is clear. Rule #5 says:

Quote:Advertising other communities/servers/projects in any way is not allowed on this server.

That includes, but is not limited to sending links to foreign forums.
But since you have no other really significant rulebreak before (besides a PAC-Abuse, i think), I'd shorten the ban, so it expires on the 30th of January.

"I never really was on your side" ~TF2 Spy
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