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Title: Denied Ban appeal Ban Removal
Thread Modes
  • Your Steam name: AutisticHeavy
  • Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:181781302
  • Type of punishment: Permanent ban
  • Why should we unban/unblacklist you?: My reason of the ban are the two last warnings before the threshold where in my case the two last warnings are unfair.The 14.Warning from Megamezzomixer for Propminge was by an accident I didn't know that is would spawn in that place and also nobody from players where complaining but only the Admin Megamezzomixer gave me warning which I think it is unfair because I didn't done anything to anybody and it was an accident.The 15.Warning from McMann (Not sure) for leaving my train behind to that I say that the train was laying near the rails and I was trying to fix something at the moment and of course didn't noticed it also the train was near the rails which means that the train could maybe derailed and in that case it means that the train isn't laying some where at the other end of the map.In my case I think that i don't deserve to have permanent ban.If you would like to talk to more detail talk to me at Discord.Also I wasn't sure where this belong.
Are you unaware that you actually have 16 warnings already? The past days you didn't do anything else but gain warnings.
"I never really was on your side" ~TF2 Spy
[Image: 76561198061210431.png]
Ok but does that mean that i'm approved or denied?
You're past 15 warns, that means you're GONE. No return. At all.
Huh so you like lying even though I got multiple screenshots of your ass spreading shit around. You didn't care about any warn until you got banned... I told you several times before Mega arrived and you didn't listen at all. Even Marv warned you that day and after that you kept on leaving shit behind. And as we all know no person here is blind [thankfully] and you had your shit spreaded across the whole map with no attention on them at all. Youre expecting Mega to unban you after all the things you did? Learn to actually read your warns and care about them. Otherwise you get a permanent ban like these. And remember.... YOU were the one responsible for your ban.
Fuck you!!!!
Denied + Forum Account banned.

"I never really was on your side" ~TF2 Spy
[Image: 76561198061210431.png]

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